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I feature my photography taken around the world on several web galleries. Prints are made available for sale. Here I will discuss my photographs, and the circumstances in which they were taken. Photographs include images of New York City, Greece, Peru, Germany & more. Feel free to comment and view. Thank You.

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I have been taking pictures all of my life. A skill I believe that has more to do with one's vision than with what equiptment one uses. I myself am loyal to Nikon... and still (almost exclusively) use 35mm. My father taught me the fundamentals of photography when I was very young. We would often convert the laundry room to a darkroom. I will be adding more to this blog shortly. Come again. Thank you.

June 01, 2006

Patriotic 4th of July & American Flag T-shirts

Ok, I have finally done it... I have finally opened my New Patriotic T-shirt Superstore! All of my American flag, Statue of Liberty and other patriotic designs have been placed onto one site. T-shirts and apparel featuring my original designs are available in men's and women's styles, as well as styles for children and babies. I, for one, love to dress my whole family in matching 4th of July t-shirts. It is the one remaining corny thing that I do. I have been designing my own shirts for quite awhile, but never offered them to the public until now. I just received my family's order of flag tees this week, and they look great. We will be wearing the design of stars, shown top right. And that wee baby is my own wee one wearing the peace sign design (I ordered a bunch of different ones for him). also offers patriotic tote bags, barbecue aprons, bumper stickers, buttons, mugs & more. This is not just your average American flag t-shirt shop. I have so much more to add, but to find the time....

Thanks to everyone for taking a look. Enjoy a $5 off Coupon for a limited time!

Happy 4th of July to all!

April 19, 2006

Peace sign t-shirt, beautiful flowers

I don't know why I am stuck on this peace sign thing lately. I think the war is just really beginning to get to me. I had this idea to create a peace sign out of flowers. I am very proud of this new peace sign t-shirt. The womens t-shirt version is shown right, however tank tops, cami's and children's tees are also available. I don't think that men's versions are necessary this time. This tee is not personalizable, however if a customer really needs a name added, I can be contacted through the email form at City Prints, and I will do my best to get it made.

I went to the beach yesterday. It was the first time my wee 5 month old baby saw the ocean. He was amazed. Just sat there and stared at the breaking waves. It was beautiful yesterday, about 73 degrees at the water line. I wish I would have brought my camera. We were out to dinner, so I didn't think about it. But the sun was so low in the sky, it was around 6:30 pm, so beautiful. My husband snapped a quick pic with his cell phone camera. It's really ashame the quality is not better with those things. I know I will go to the beach a million times this summer. But we were the only ones there, and it was so beautiful, and the sea was so calm, and you could see for miles.

More soon.

April 14, 2006

4th of July Peace Sign T-shirt

Tired of wearing the usual Old Navy flag shirts every 4th of July, I have spent the last couple of years creating my own flag t-shirt designs, many of which can be found in the shop links in my sidebar. However this year, I wanted something different, something to reflect the times, especially for my new little one. So I created this peace sign t-shirt, with an American flag design.

This American flag t-shirt, along with the other one available in this gallery, can be completely personalized (front side, back side...or both sides). You can choose your own fonts, and your own font colors. There are also many t-shirt styles and colors to choose from, however this design looks best on pale colors. The white part of the flag shows up as clear, with the color of the shirt being in it's place, so white tees work best.

I use my gallery mainly for photography, and don't like to junk it up with graphic design t-shirts.... however the ability to customize my shirt this year made it irresistalbe to me. I think it is important this 4th of July to do more than just watch fireworks. Independence Day is about celebrating our freedom. I think many Americans who have lived here their whole lives, don't realize how lucky we are, and how valuable what we have here really is. However, in these troubled times, I would personally like to see America go back to being a peaceful nation. It is possible to be an American, and still wish for peace. I know many are finding it hard to have American pride right now. But this too shall pass. This will be but a blip in our nation's history (I hope).

I hope some of my regular blog readers will consider a message of peace this July 4th.

April 09, 2006

Spring Arrives

Spring has finally arrived, and all around me are opportunities to photograph the new life around me. The trees are beginning to lose their blooms already, and before you know it, summer will be upon us. This photograph was taken last week near my home. There were hundreds of blooming trees to choose from, but this one with the row of flowering trees behind it caught my eye. I will be making this print available in my gallery later this week.

March 07, 2006

Philip Seymour Hoffman & other thoughts

Image to the right is one of the newest posters in my black & white section of my shop. This small 11X17 Statue of Liberty Print is avail. for only $12.99.

I wanted to quickly write about how proud I am of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman for winning the best actor Oscar this week. I have been a very big fan of this actor for about 10 years. He has been in numerous films... and has been, at times, the most memorable thing about the films in which he has appeared. Truly a magnificent talent, and one that will be around for many more decades.

I myself am an actor, or I guess was. Now I am pretty much a mom, who continues to expand upon my photography. But as an actor... I have always noticed 3 kinds of actors.

1. Actors who do it for fun. (I would fall into this category)

2. Actors that take it very seriously, have deep strategy and method, and whenever they speak about acting... don't hesitate to go into great detail about their methods and schooling.(these people annoy me, it is entertainment after all.)

3. Actors that take it pretty seriously(perfectionists), that never think they are talented or good enough, always thinking someone else is better, and that they don't truly deserve praise... people are just being kind.

I had ALWAYS assumed that Philip Seymour Hoffman fell into category TWO. I never knew it for sure, I just always suspected. Maybe because most of the characters that he has played through the years have been so un-likeable. Maybe because he doesn't smile much. But now, after seeing his acceptance speeches for the countless awards that he has won for Capote (Screen Actors Guild, Golden Globe, Oscar etc) I see that he most likely falls into category THREE. This saddens me a bit. I always feel sorry for people like that. I am the one that always marvels at their natural gift, their ability to display emotion and be so open and true. And yet so many of wonderful actors do not reach their potential... they give up, or end up taking desk jobs.

I am confident that now, after all of the media attention and praise that this man has attained, he will surely continue to succeed. Surely he will SMILE more... and I believe he will go on to be the Robert DeNiro / Dustin Hoffman of our generation. Congratulations! to you Philip... Rock On!

Link to Hoffmans Film Credits

March 02, 2006

Black & White Twin Towers print

The newest addition to my City Prints photography shop is this black and white mini poster featuring the Twin Towers/World Trade Center with American flag in the foreground. This photograph was taken in 2000 from Liberty State Park. Only the flag is in color in this powerful image. This print, suitable for framing is available for $12.99.

It is amazing how tall the towers actually were. All of the remaining skyscrapers in that part of town are only 1/2 the height. At the same time that I am in awe of their size, I can't help but think of the fear that must have over-taken the people that were trapped on the floors above the fires. I have nightmares about it still. Having been on the top floors, and on the roof observation deck several times... I can mentally bring myself to that situation, and it is difficult to get thoughts like that out of my mind.

I have been torn about posting & selling my images of the Towers. After what happened, it was hard for me to keep my World Trade Center images on my site. But at the same time, they seemed to bring people comfort and peace.... to be able to see them and remember New York City as it once was... although for such a short time... a mere 30 years. Indeed, they have become my most popular.

February 28, 2006

Flag Shirts

I am big into Patriotic T-shirts, especially for the 4th of July. I recently added my own original flag design to my gallery so that I could personalize an American flag shirt for my new baby boy this July 4th. I haven't totally decided what I will write on it. I think I will put the year on the front side, and my baby's name and "1st July 4th" on the back side.

Being the cornball that I am I will get matching adult ones for me and my husband too. I am tired of the Old Navy ones that he and I usually wear.

You know, it is so hard for me to be patriotic during this time in our nation's history. Our president is clueless, seriously... I can't take his idocy any more. He has ruined America's reputation abroad. I think that this annoys me the most. One of the many great things about our country is that no President has all of the power at any given time. But even with only 4 year terms and term limits.. this president has managed to screw this country up a lot in a very short time. Uch... I just can't listen to him any more. Can't Colin Powell be president instead? Can't anyone else be president instead? I just feel that any new face right now would really help us in terms of world opinion. At least other nations would be willing to consider the possibility of change.

Well, I could go on and on about this, but will not. Basically, just wanted to write that despite everything, I still feel that this nation is the best nation in the world, and I will still be sporting a flag shirt this Independence Day. I am just a bit dis-heartened about our leadership right now.

February 15, 2006

Twin Towers, photography & recent thoughts...

Now that the Holidays are over, I have more time for everything... for my new baby boy, for my photography... and more time to think about things I haven't thought about for awhile, like the Twin Towers as they once were.

You know, back when 9/11 happened, I remember thinking that it was the end of the world. For months afterward I was extremely was almost everyone around me. It was impossible (around here) not to know someone that was directly involved. Everyone you spoke to either lost a family member or friend, or had someone they were close to working as a firefighter or rescue worker at ground zero. I remember thinking that we would never recover. Never ever... I was so sure. Seeing the skyline without the World Trade Center was completely heartbreaking.

It is truly amazing how resilient the human animal is. Recovery, no... but we continue to live and love. We go places and see things and babies are born... and life just goes on. Every now and then something brings it again to the forefront in my mind, and when I stop to think about it, the tears still come. I think they always will. But I am so thankful that this horrible event did not bring a total end to the world as I know it. The world is different for sure. But, we will be OK. And eventually, when Bush is out of the White House, America's image will begin to improve overseas too. Hopefully we will again become the place where everyone wants to be, the land of opportunity.

I invite you all to view the photographs that I have taken over the years of the glorious shiny Twin Towers as they once stood proud in the New York City skyline. View at: City Prints or at my Inspirational Photography gallery.

December 19, 2005

New York City photography

Many times New York will offer unique photographic opportunities. One of these times occurred this past Feb. during the "Gates Project" exhibit in Central Park by artists Christo & Jeanne Claude. For a few short weeks the cold, bleak landscape of winter was transformed by the addition of hundreds of orange gates, draped with orange fabric. Odd.... some thought. Many believed such a strange display to not be art at all. But regardless of the different opinions, most seemed to agree that it gave something unique to the city for those few short weeks. The gates drew millions of visitors to the park during a time of year when the park usually sees only light foot traffic and die hard runners.

Several photographic prints of the gates are available in my City Prints shop. Please take a look. Today is the last day to get 2 day shipping for the price of ground. Until Dec. 25th you can receive $5 off any purchase of $35 or more. Use coupon code DEC25 during checkout. I will be posting and discussing more of my photography here in the coming weeks, after the holiday rush subsides.

The Gates: Un-framed prints $12.99

December 13, 2005

Love to Blog?

On a topic other than photography for a moment.... I just came across some of these clever shops that are geared toward bloggers and blogging. Some of the stuff is so cute. I especially love the first one that imitates the ipod advertisements. Thought I would put them here for all to see. Enjoy!